The Denver Broncos are an enigma.

In 2022, they are the best defense in the entire NFL. On the flip-side, they are one of the worst offenses in the league.

Nathaniel Hackett’s first go as a head coach is not going swimmingly.

The Broncos own one of the most mind-boggling statistics currently.

The offense’s insufficiencies mixed with the defense’s eliteness may actually frustrate fans even more.

The Broncos sit at 3-6 currently.

In their losses, they have not scored more than 23 points. In fact, their 32-23 loss to the Raiders was their best scoring offensive output of the season.

They have two losses where their offense only scored nine points. In those games, the Broncos’ defense held the other teams to sixteen and twelve points.

It didn’t matter.

The offense couldn’t do anything at all in those games.

Even in their wins, the defense was the reason for their triumph.

They beat the Texans and 49ers with 27 combined points in those two victories.

Plain and simple, their defense is carrying them. So, why would they be what is making the season even more painful?

Well, it’s because fans can see the talent that the Broncos’ defense possesses.

They are so close to being a team that can contend, even without a good offense.

Can you imagine what a competent offense would look like with this defensive unit in Denver?

That’s what every fans of the Broncos is thinking about on a weekly basis.

Accordingly, fans feels that they wasted an opportunity by trading so much capital for Russell Wilson. Wilson is not performing, and Nathaniel Hackett is struggling as the head coach.

One side of the ball is dominant while the other is costing them games weekly.

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