The Denver Broncos didn’t just lose in Week 1. They lost to quarterback Russell Wilson’s former team in a bit of an embarrassing fashion in the final minutes. After making a massive trade for Wilson, the Broncos passed on giving him a chance late in the game.

Instead, the Broncos kicked 64-yard field goal as a last-ditch effort to pull out a win. That didn’t work – shockingly enough.

Bo Wulf, writer for The Athletic, didn’t hold back on Denver and their decision-making. He ranked the Broncos 23rd in this week’s power rankings.

So you think a soon-to-be 34-year-old quarterback is worth two first-round picks, two second-round picks, a fifth-rounder and three veterans of disparate quality, plus a new contract with $165 million guaranteed? But you also don’t think that quarterback’s chances of converting a fourth-and-5, in a game he’s been waiting for all summer, are better than the odds of making a 64-yard field goal? Seems dumb!

Wulf is right about the Broncos, though. Making a move like the Broncos did in the offseason for a new quarterback probably means that you should instill confidence in him in the first game. The last thing you should do is mismanage the clock and blow any realistic opportunity for a victory.

Not to mention, the Broncos were playing the Seahawks. Wilson wasn’t given one final opportunity to get the win over his former team. That led to plenty of interesting comments from current and former Seahawks players in the postgame.

Going forward, new Broncos HC Nathaniel Hackett has to prove that he can manage the clock late in the game more effectively. Plus, he has to show trust in his new star QB.

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