The Denver Broncos have a star in the making in cornerback Patrick Surtain II. Heck, he is already performing like a top cornerback in the league.

He headlines one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Former Broncos’ legend Von Miller believes that Surtain II could be the best CB in football once he reaches his peak.

With Surtain II, it is sometimes easy to forget how young he still is. Many folks around the league think that he is already in a special category at his position.

In the Broncos’ last three games, Surtain II hasn’t allowed a catch.

The young CB also just doesn’t allow receivers to score touchdowns against him. Surtain II has not allowed a TD in 481 consecutive coverage snaps.

Surtain II has dominated matchups against top wideouts this season, too.

Denver isn’t taking it easy on him. He is shadowing opponents’ top options very frequently.

He dominated matchups against Brandon Cooks, Mike Williams, Brandon Aiyuk, Michael Pittman Jr., and Garret Wilson. He’s performing at an All-Pro level this year for the Broncos.

Miller’s comments about Surtain II are probably going to look even better a year from now. The Broncos have an elite CB that is still just 22 years old.

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