The Russell Wilson era in Denver has had an interesting start. From a loss to his former team to a gritty win against the Texans, nothing has been easy for the Broncos so far. For Wilson, there is a clear place that he needs to improve. The Broncos, as a team, must accomplish it.

Wilson has to be better inside the red-zone, particularly inside the 10-yard line. Of course, it isn’t all on him. His receivers for the Broncos could be getting more separation in these instances.

Regardless, the value that the Broncos spent on Wilson places a lot of pressure on him. He must deliver.

If the Broncos are consistently getting inside the 20, the have to convert. Their conversion rate is even more vital when you consider their most common competition. The AFC West is filled with impressive offense. The entire AFC is – in fact.

Accordingly, the Broncos must be able to score with these teams if they want to be a contender. Scoring from inside the 10-yard line has to be at the top of the list for Wilson and the Broncos to improve upon going forward.

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