The Denver Broncos could potentially have the best secondary in the AFC West, and there is potential for them to be the best in the AFC. They have the big-name guys like Justin Simmons, who is the league’s best safety, in my opinion. 

They have the guys that people know about but don’t quite know how good they are in Kareem Jackson. Then they have the guy that everyone is forgetting about in Ronald Darby. Darby is not going to make a ton of noise and be this elite cornerback this season. However, he will do his job, and he will do it consistently well. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett had some high praise for him as well.

Broncos’ Darby can be a great veteran for team

This defensive back group does not get talked about enough. In just a year from now, we could be talking about them having the best safety in Simmons and cornerback in Surtain. So, it isn’t far-fetched to say they can have one of the best backfields in football.

Now, all they need around them are veterans that will do their job, and teach the young guys. They need guys who are bought into the system and the culture. It sounds like that’s what they have in Darby.

“We didn’t go against him in OTAs and now he is out there,” head coach Nathaniel Hackett told reporters Friday. “I wanna say we are really glad to have him. It’s a pain going after him every day, but both of those corners are doing a great job.”

“He’s real smart, he’s a veteran, another guy that doesn’t panic plays his technique, challenges the guys, so very excited for him.”

It feels good to know that the guys you maybe don’t hear about enough are doing their job. Darby has been in this league for a bit now, and maybe he can show Surtain the ropes. If everyone plays their role and does it consistently, there is no telling what this defense will do.

Darby is not the best corner in the league, and he won’t make a top-10 list, and that is fine. He is, though, a great veteran player who will do his job. Denver fans should be excited to hear stuff like this from Hackett. This season will be fun, and this defense will run things, just like they have all camp long.

Featured image via Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports