The Denver Broncos’ season is a disappointment. No one can really argue against that. They are almost mathematically out of playoff contention, and people are starting to worry about the long-term future.

A couple of players on their offense are patient about their offensive struggles, though.

Wide receiver Courtland Sutton and running back Latavius Murray both had positive thoughts after the loss to the Raiders last week.

This is definitely a good sign for the Broncos.

Sutton is an important piece for their offense in the future, and they need more consistency from him. Better play from Russell Wilson will help that happen, too.

Rhythm is a big piece of the Denver offense, so this comments goes a long way. They have looked out of sync all year long. Not to mention, there have been reports of consistent miscommunication between Wilson and his receivers.

With more rhythm, they can avoid those situations.

Murray’s comment was one that was echoed by multiple players.

Starting out quick is not something we have seen from the Broncos’ offense at all this season until last weekend. The swap to Kubiak seemed to ignite a bit more energy among the skill players.

Now, they need to find a balance that can keep that momentum going throughout games. Fizzling out on offense in the second half cannot keep happening.

It will be interesting to see how the Broncos’ offense looks over the next couple of weeks as Kubiak continues to call plays.

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