The Denver Broncos need a head coach. The New Orleans Saints have a coach that they need to trade away.

Accordingly, there is interest between the two teams in making a deal. Today, there was a new development in the situation regarding Payton.

On Colin Cowherd’s show, Payton disclosed that the Saints are expecting a mid-to-late first-round selection in return for him.

Why does this matter for the Broncos?

They are one of the potential suitors for Payton that own that type of first-round pick. Their pick from the 49ers will be in the late 20’s or later. San Francisco is still in the playoffs currently.

Additionally, Payton is especially interested in teams with strong ownership and a plan at quarterback.

The Broncos boast the most wealthy ownership group in the entire NFL.

Payton may believe that he can help to rekindle Russell Wilson’s career, too. He did great work with Drew Brees in his last few seasons. Although, Brees was still playing at a high level at that time.

Wilson has been much more inconsistent as of late, but he is the Broncos’ QB for the foreseeable future.

The news also means that the teams with very early first-round selections may have a more difficult time in trading for the former Saints play-caller. The Cardinals pick third, and the Panthers pick ninth. Those are early picks.

The Houston Texans may provide the most competition for Denver right now.

The Broncos’ pick will be late in the first, while the Texans own the second and twelfth pick. That selection at twelve could make the difference in a deal getting done.

Regardless, the news is a positive for anyone who would like to see Payton as the next HC of the Broncos.

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