Stop me if you’ve heard this statement before. The Denver Broncos just lost a close game due to their offensive struggles.

Once again, their defense played great. They held the Baltimore Ravens in check for almost the entire game.

Sadly, their inefficiency on offense led to just nine points on the scoreboard for the Broncos. They fell by a score of 10-9.

Lamar Jackson missed most of the game for the Ravens due to an injury.

After the game, Broncos’ head coach Nathaniel Hackett had a handful of frustrating comments.

He simply continues to state the obvious.

His answers to questions are vague, and the team is not improving. The offense has been stuck in the mud all year long, and it is wasting the best defense in the AFC.

Hackett has consistently mentioned how much of a letdown the offense has been this season. That’s on him and Russell Wilson at its basis. They are the leaders, and they are both floundering badly.

If this continues, the Broncos will have no choice but to move on from Hackett after the season.

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