All is good, and all is right currently if you support the Denver Broncos. They were just purchased by a new ownership group, and the team is as good as it has looked in over five years. Not to mention, they are contenders in a lot of people’s eyes, after being consistently bad the last half-decade.

While this year will be great, or at least better than it has been, the Broncos could be in trouble next offseason.

Denver Broncos could lose star player in 2023 offseason

According to Gregg Rosenthal of, Bradley Chubb will be the 22nd-most valued free agent in the 2023 offseason. That means there is a high possibility the Broncos could lose one of their best defensive players.

Here is what Rosenthal thinks about Chubb:

“In a career marred by injuries, Chubb enters this season healthy and knowing exactly what’s at stake for him.”

While Chubb has not always been healthy, when he is, he is a monster on the field. There aren’t too many offensive linemen who can stop him from getting to the quarterback. The only downside is that he isn’t ever healthy for a full season.

This is a prove-it year, though, as he is looking to get paid next offseason. With that being said, and the fact that Chubb came into training camp healthier than he has ever felt, means he could be in for a monster year.

Chubb is one of the better defensive players on the team, and the pass rush starts with him. If the team was to lose him in free agency, that would be a tragic loss for that part of their defense. Yes, the Broncos have one of the better defensive lines in football, but it just wouldn’t be the same without Chubb.

I think, barring any injuries, that Chubb will have his best year yet. If he does, the Broncos should sign him, right away. Chubb will be a hot commodity in free agency next year if all goes well. If it does not, it could be a sign that the Broncos’ edge rusher is slowing down in terms of production and health.

However, I don’t think that will happen. The Broncos should be prepared to open up their checkbooks this offseason. If they don’t, another team will gladly pay one of the better pass rushers in the league, and just like that, Chubb is no longer a Bronco. Not to mention, it could stunt their growth to competing for a Super Bowl.

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