This off-season is a very important one for the Denver Broncos.

After acquiring quarterback Russell Wilson last off-season, they now need a new head coach. Nathaniel Hackett didn’t work out in his single season at the helm in Denver.

Now, Wilson is lobbying to try to get one of the top offensive minds in the NFL to be the new head coach of the Broncos.

The QB has already reached out to former New Orleans Saints HC Sean Payton to discuss the vacancy for the Broncos.

Wilson struggled mightily at times this season for Denver. His play-calling wasn’t ideal, but he also knows he needs to be better.

The Broncos have impressive young pass catchers, and they need to take advantage of that right now. The offensive line suffered plenty of injuries and had inconsistencies as well, though.

It wasn’t all on Russ.

That being said, he is being paid to lead this team to the postseason. His offense let down an elite defense too often this season, so he wants one of the best offensive minds to join him on the Broncos.

It would make plenty of sense. Sean Payton is looking for stability or his choice at QB, and he may believe that he can work with Wilson to get him back to better play.

Additionally, Payton wants impressive ownership. The Broncos’ front office is extremely wealthy and sounds like they will be very accommodating for the new head coach.

Payton seems like a front runner for the job right now, and Russell Wilson is making his bed sales pitch to him.

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