The Denver Broncos shook the NFL world this past off-season when they traded for Russell Wilson.

Everyone expected it to be their final puzzle piece. The playoff contender puzzle would be finished in Denver.

It made sense, too.

They had solid pass catchers, an improving offensive line, and an elite defense.

Fast forward to the middle of November. The panic alarms have been pulled. Fans are losing their minds and calling for folks to lose their jobs.

Most importantly, Russell Wilson is playing the worst football of his entire career.

The Broncos sit at 3-6. They hold the seventh spot in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Well, they would have. Instead, that pick belongs to the Seattle Seahawks because of the Wilson deal.

This was the full deal for Wilson.

The Broncos traded two first-round picks, two second-round picks, along with some other pieces.

In Seattle, Fant has been a good role player at pass catcher for them, and Shelby Harris has played very well on their defensive line.

This year’s first-round pick, Charles Cross, has been one of the best young offensive tackles in the NFL this year. Rookie CB Tariq woolen is a defensive rookie of the year candidate right now. He has five interceptions.

Again, that does not include the talent that the Seahawks will get from next year’s draft.

They will hold a premium first-round pick from Denver as well as an early second rounder.

If the Broncos do somehow with the worst record in the NFL, their pick would be the top overall selection for Seattle.

That may make the Russell wilson trade the worst in league history.

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