The Denver Broncos are 2-1 after their difficult win against the 49ers last night. The defense played very well. The offense sputtered consistently for most of the game. The other facet of the game for the Broncos, special teams, was once again very impressive. Their punter has been one of the best in the NFL so far this season.

No one has really noticed in the national media. That will have to change soon.

Corliss Waltman is elite.

So, Waltman was making up for the struggles of Russell Wilson and the offense consistently.

Additionally, it makes life easier on a great defense. Long fields make it more difficult on the offense, and possessions that start inside the ten were a huge upper hand for the Broncos’ defense.

If Waltman can continue this production, that will be a massive development for the Broncos. It is also notable that he had to punt a whopping ten times. The offense sputtered throughout most of the game, aside from the TD drive late in the fourth quarter.

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