The Denver Broncos just fell to the Las Vegas Raiders in heartbreaking fashion in Week 11.

Stop me if you have heard that before. Unfortunately for Denver, losses like this one are becoming a trend.

They sit at 3-7. The Broncos are in last place in their division and do not own their first-round pick in the upcoming draft.

Fans and media are wondering if Nathaniel Hackett is on the hot seat. While it is a possibility, there is a precedent that says the Broncos may not fire him this year.

Vic Fangio’s tenure as the head coach of the Broncos proved that they show patience with a new HC. 

Now, there is a new regime at the top of the front office for Denver. That’s notable for any decision like this.

They probably won’t handle a situation like this in the same way that the previous regime did. The Broncos’ decision makers could be more patient with their new head coach that has never been in that role in the NFL before now.

The new guys may not be too interested in admitting that their first major decision is a fail so soon for the Broncos.

Also, they heavily invested in Russell Wilson. Making a complete overhaul change with the coaching staff would make life on him even more difficult as he attempts to adjust to the Broncos’ offense.

Regardless, the offense has to improve in Denver. That’s Hackett’s main duty, and that unit is letting the defense down on a weekly basis.

Most of their performances have been unacceptable, and Hackett has already given away play-calling duties.

Fans probably hope that the Broncos’ front office makes the move sooner rather than later compared to the last group with Fangio.

Only time will tell if that will be the case.

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