The Denver Broncos fans showed out in the home opener for the 2022 season against the Houston Texans, but not in a good way.

The Broncos forgot they had a game this Sunday, as no one really showed up, and for that, the fans let them know.

The showing Nathaniel Hackett put out was awful. His several bad play calls, situational football knowledge, and many other things hurt the Broncos all day. One of the bigger ones was the delay of game penalties, which were just a few of the 13 total they had.

Several times Hackett and the offense didn’t seem to realize how much time they had left on the play clock. So, eventually, the fans started helping them out.

In this video, and probably during the broadcast, you can hear the fans chanting and shouting about how much time was left on the play clock. They were doing that when they weren’t booing the team.

Honestly, no one should blame them, as the team was playing like one of the worst in the league.

I get Hackett is a first-time head coach, but these are things that anyone can do. The play clock is where everyone can see it. If it wasn’t, the fans wouldn’t be shouting it. The team has to be better if they don’t want to be embarrassed by their own fans at home again.

Featured Image Via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports