Future NFL Hall of Famer Joe Thomas, a former offensive lineman with the Cleveland Browns for 11 seasons, threw some shade at Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson this week.

Wilson was seen during Denver’s season-opening game against the Seattle Seahawks imploring players on the sideline to shout to the defense whether or not it was a pass play or a run play.

Thomas tweeted that he felt like this wasn’t helpful in any way.

Here’s his explanation.

Wilson has been accused of being over the top before with some of his mannerisms and things he does (like when he dropped a hype video last season because he was returning to the field after a few weeks of being sidelined).

I’ve never taken a snap in the NFL, so I can’t side with either of these guys. But Thomas makes some great points. This could just be something Wilson is doing for “show”.

If that’s the case, then I can see why he rubbed some of his Seattle teammates the wrong way.

Featured image via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports