The Denver Broncos displayed some good offense at times against the Seattle Seahawks. However, they also displayed some struggles.

The whole Broncos offense was revamped this offseason. They went and got Russell Wilson to quarterback the team. Then, they hired a former offensive coordinator as their head coach in Nathaniel Hackett.

This game was supposed to be a win for the Broncos. I think everyone in America thought that same thing, too. That is unless you are a Seahawks fan.

They moved the ball down the field so well on Monday Night. Yes, it started slow, but they didn’t have issues getting to the red zone.

The issues stemmed somewhere else.

“It was a tough game,” wide receiver Jerry Jeudy told the media after the game. “We were on the goal line and the red zone like three or four times, and we just got to finish.

“… I feel like we are doing a good job of driving the ball up and down the field, we just got to finish. At the end of the day, if you can’t score a touchdown, you can’t win a game. I think we did a good job driving the ball, but the big emphasis is just finish.”

The Broncos moved the ball with ease when they needed to. They just could not get into the end zone to save their lives.

It started with Melvin Gordon, who fumbled on the goal line. Okay, that happens. Then, later, Javonte Williams fumbled on the goal-line, right after everyone was saying it should have been Williams to run that first one instead of Gordon.

You cannot make this stuff up.

The Broncos need a more diverse playbook for when they do get in the red zone, and it’s just that simple. While, yes, the two running backs did fumble, and yes there were other opportunities that were squandered, this game falls on coach Hackett.

His game management could have been much better, along with his clock management. The play calling wasn’t great either.

Here is what I say to that, though. It was his first ever NFL game as a head coach. I think it was good to get this one out of the way.

Hopefully, the Broncos can take advantage of this next week to get a win. They play the Houston Texans, who are not a very good team. But hey, neither were the Seahawks supposed to be.

Featured Image Via Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports