The Denver Broncos lost to the Las Vegas Raiders in overtime on Sunday in part because of a mind-boggling decision from quarterback Russell Wilson.

On the Broncos’ next-to-last drive in regulation, Wilson inexplicably threw the ball away on third down (after the two-minute warning) which stopped the clock.

Wilson should’ve taken a sack — something even a rookie quarterback should know.

The decision to throw the ball away left the Raiders with plenty of time to tie the game and force overtime (Las Vegas was out of timeouts).

After the game, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr made it clear that he was glad Wilson threw the ball away instead of taking a sack.

This is just another example of the bad coaching in Denver this season. This game was there for the Broncos to win. But bad decisions (Hackett’s clock management wasn’t great in general) because of poor coaching led to yet another bad loss.

Denver is married to Wilson thanks to his extension. But they’re not married to Hackett. The combo of Hackett and Wilson clearly isn’t working out and I have a good feeling which one won’t be with the Broncos next season.

Here’s a hint — it’s not Wilson.

Featured image via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports