The Denver Broncos head coaching search is still happening, as it should, but a lot of people are wondering what exactly it is the Broncos will be looking for. What is the plan here? Do they want to try a first-time guy again? One NFL insider revealed what their plan was.

It’s pretty obvious the Broncos tried the whole first-time coach thing, and it didn’t work in Nathaniel Hackett.

It appears they will be trying a handful of things right now. But the main thing is getting a guy that will fit with Wilson, but we already knew that. NFL insider Tom Pelissero revealed on the Dan Patrick Show what the Broncos are trying to do.

“The plan was to always swing big. That’s where Jim Harbaugh, Sean Payton, Dan Quinn, unless everything falls through, I would be surprised if one of those three does not end up, ultimately, being the Broncos’ head coach.”

In my opinion, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those three guys. However, it’s more about whether they want to coach in Denver or not. Let’s face it, this situation isn’t the most appealing.

The best case scenario would be to get Jim Harbaugh. They wouldn’t have to trade anything to get him i.e. Sean Payton, and this is a guy who has proven himself, i.e. the 49ers.

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