The Denver Broncos lost on Sunday in a game that was more than winnable. One player on the Broncos made that possible. Without him, they would not have even been close to winning.

The Broncos played badly on offense. I don’t think there is any way around it. But, then again, what’s new?

They couldn’t move the ball when it mattered most. In the fourth quarter when their defense allowed them a chance to tie the game, they couldn’t even get in the red zone.

A lot of it was because of the offensive line, and how poorly they played. They allowed Wilson to be hit 18 times per ESPN stats. They also gave up six sacks, which, neither of those is anything close to what you want.

Do you know who wasn’t the issue in the loss? Undrafted rookie receiver Jalen Virgil, who didn’t get to do much, but when he did, he showed out.

The first-year guy out of App State was fun to watch during the preseason and training camp. We saw nothing but a glimpse of speed, route running, and great decision-making.

All of which is what we saw the one time he got the ball on Sunday.

Virgil was the only guy to score for the Broncos on Sunday, as they lost to the Titans 17-10. Virgil caught one ball for 66 yards and a touchdown. That would also be his only target on the day.

Virgil made his worth known, though. He has a few times now. If the broncos didn’t know what they had in him, they definitely do now. Now, they just need to get him the ball more than once.

Featured Image Via Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports