Over the last few days, there has been a weird amount of drama placed at the hands of the Denver Broncos and their new star quarterback Russell Wilson.

On Thursday, an article was released by ESPN, in which it read the following in the description:

“Wilson’s personal aspirations conflicted with a Seahawks organization that had different goals, and was skeptical about its QB’s long-term future.”

Somewhere in the article, it stated that in 2018 the Seahawks tried trading Wilson a few different times, but nothing ever happened.

“I mean, I just know what I see out here on the practice field, and he looks awesome,” Denver head coach Nathaniel Hackett said when asked about the situation. “Excited to have him here.”

Now, you know, of course, he was traded to the Denver Broncos this offseason, and of course, the Seattle Seahawks are the first team on their schedule for Monday Night Football.

A lot of times when a player plays their former team, there is a notion that they know how to game plan for that team. This Monday will be a bit different.

“When it comes to Seattle, you know, he’s here, he was at Seattle, they were with him, so there are always going to be those things that you think you know either way. Again, it’s, they know we know we know they know, so everyone usually changes everything anyways.”

Hackett makes a very good point. If the other team knows that their game plan is known, why would they not change it?

Their game plan will obviously revolve around stopping Wilson. However, to Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, nothing is different.

“There is nothing different about this game than any other game, in terms of that they are all the biggest games we could ever play.”

“It’s not going to be anything different than it ever would be, why would it be something different,” Carroll told media on Thursday when asked about seeing Wilson in a different uniform.

Yeah, okay, sure.

Carroll is refusing to acknowledge the fact that the guy who won him a Super Bowl, and could have won him a second one, is going to beat him down on Monday night.

I see it still hasn’t hit him yet that his safety blanket is no longer on the team.

Wilson was the Seahawks for the decade he was there, and no one can argue that. He was the reason that the Seahawks were winning, for the most part.

He was the reason that the Seahawks were getting any national recognition. Before him, they had four straight losing seasons. Then, from his first year on until 2020, they hadn’t had one losing season until last year.

On Monday night Pete Carroll and the Seahawks will see why they shouldn’t have traded Wilson and instead tried to make things work. He is a generational talent and a generational man.

If the Broncos win on Monday, we could see a lot of regretful faces on the Seahawks sidelines.

I think we will see some fun football happen on Monday night, but for the Broncos. I’m not saying it won’t be a challenge on Monday, though. The Seahawks may not seem like they will be a good team this year, but in the NFL any team can beat anyone.

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