The Denver Broncos were struggling to start the game, on both offense and defense. The Seattle Seahawks, on the other hand, have been playing lights out. Much better than I, or anyone else expected.

Until seven minutes (possibly less) left in the first half, Russell Wilson hadn’t even thrown a pass in a receiver’s direction. Up to that point, the only passes he had thrown were too tight ends and running backs.

Then, the floodgates opened up.

As soon as the ESPN broadcast brings that weird in-game stat up, Wilson changes it. He hits Jerry Jeudy on the sideline for a 67-yard touchdown. Jeudy makes the amazing catch, and honestly, Wilson’s throw was even better and outruns the second defensive back to the end zone.

All we have heard all offseason is the chemistry these two have built, and it showed there.

If the Broncos can continue to be effective in the run game like they are, it will open up more opportunities through the air for the deep threats.

Wilson looks to have started the game with some jitters, and that’s okay. If I played for a team for almost 10 years, and they booed me in my return, I’d be emotional as well. So, I get it, it’s hard.

However, I think things will only get better from here.

Featured Image Via Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports