We cannot stress enough how lethal this Denver Broncos offense will be in the 2022 season. It’s hard to contain a smile thinking about it, especially when you watch some of these training camp plays.

With Russell Wilson now in town, the Broncos feel that they have finally found that missing piece to complete their team. They now feel like they can go out and compete. They have the defense, which allowed the second least amount of points last year. 

They also have weapons. Courtland Sutton is making sure people aren’t forgetting they are the guys finishing the plays. He is making sure that people know they are the ones that have to go and get the balls that Wilson is throwing.

Courtland Sutton heard all of the talks. He heard everyone asking who will step up now that Tim Patrick is gone, and he answered everyone’s question with that one play. The Wilson-Sutton duo will be lethal this year. Patrick’s response to the highlight play makes everything that much better.

We can already see they have an elite connection and are making the great defense look bad during training camp. Sutton is letting the rest of the league know that he is back, and he is better than ever.

If the two can do that against the Broncos’ stout defense, a defense that may be the best in the division, imagine what they will do to the Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders.

Featured Image Via Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports