We all should really take time sometime this week to celebrate the wonderful season Kansas City had, instead of spending time being down on how it ended. For the Chiefs, they were able to accomplish something that had never been done before.

Anyways, back to being upset. This game was everything the Chiefs season has been in a nutshell. From starting 3-4 to leading the AFC, to having struggles near the end of the season, to being dominant in the playoffs, to having it all crash down right before our eyes.

This game started amazing, and ended, well, not amazing. It was truly the collapse heard around the world.

Kansas City loses a tough one to Bengals in terrible fashion

The Chiefs started the AFC Championship game amazingly. At one point in the second quarter, Mahomes was 15-17 with 200 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.

Mahomes and company got off to a great start. The defense locked up on the first possession and even held Cinncinatti to a field goal. However, the game completely changed in the second half. The Chiefs were almost shut out in the second half.

Had it not been for Harrison Butker, they would have been done for in the regulation. But, of course, Butker swoops in to save the day again. However, he didn’t save the day, just gave the Chiefs more time.

Everything was in their favor. The coin toss, having the ball first, everything. They just could not capitalize on the chances they were given.

Honestly, Mahomes was a big part of this loss. The inefficient passing in the second half and the turnover in overtime just cannot happen, especially in a playoff game. That is not the first time that happened either. In 2019, Mahomes started the Super Bowl that way.

However, it’s done. Of course, we as fans will still dwell on it, but it’s healthier to move on.

Featured Image Credit: Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK