GREEN BAY – Mandatory minicamp is currently underway in Green Bay, but the Packers still have another round of voluntary OTAs next week.

Don’t expect Aaron Rodgers to be there, however.

“Yea it’s minicamp and then I’m out,” Rodgers told reporters Tuesday when asked if he was only in town for Packers mandatory minicamp.

Much has been made about Rodgers and his absence during the Packers’ voluntary portion of offseason workouts. Sure, a veteran like him doesn’t need to be present for what is mainly conditioning, installs, and mental preparation. However, things are a bit different this year considering the departure of Davante Adams and the influx of several new faces at the receiver position.

It’s logical to argue Rodgers needs to be around in order to develop the chemistry needed for an effective passing attack.

“Just like I mentioned, there’s a lot of new faces so, the more that these guys can get around one another [the better],” Matt LaFleur said after the draft. “That’s one of the challenges, I think, each and every year is how do you recreate that team chemistry, that camaraderie?

“And the only way you can do that is if you’re around one another. Certainly, not only the chemistry on the field, but off the field, is so important.”

Rodgers has a different perspective on the situation, however. Per Rodgers, he and the receivers can’t develop the aforementioned chemistry if the receivers don’t know what they’re doing, essentially.

And that makes sense.

“The most important thing is the mental part right now,” said Rodgers. “As much as there is conversation around the importance of me being here and how much that means to the young guys – the most important thing for the young guys, right now, is  to learn the offense.

“And like I’ve said many times: there’s two offenses. There’s the offense on paper and then there’s the offense that gets run on the field. They need to learn the offense on paper, first, and once they get that down, we’ll have plenty of time in training camp to get the other offense down.”

However, putting in the extra time will only help. There’s no possible way it can hurt. Even then, Rodgers feels like the emphasis placed on his presence during OTAs -or absence, rather- is a narrative, at best.

“I think a lot of time those are just story-fillers for slow times in the offseason,” said Rodgers. “There’s important conversation to be had, but it comes down to the willingness of those players to motivate themselves, to be good note-takers, to listen, to remember things; and it’s on me to make sure the message is very clear and concise to them when it’s delivered.

“But [receivers coach] Jason [Vrable] has to be an extension of me and my voice in their room. But we got my closest buddy on the team with those guys every single day in Randall Cobb. And he’s been here the entire time, just about. So, he’s passing along everything they need to know about playing with me, and expectations, and signals, and unspoken communication, and non-verbal stuff.

“And they just gotta feel me once we get back to training camp and it gets real. There’ll be expectations for them, but reasonable expectations. We aren’t going to expect those guys to be anything but the best versions of themselves.”

Rodgers didn’t mince words when explaining why he doesn’t need to be around for OTAs. For his sake, and the Packers’, even – let’s just hope it doesn’t come back to bite him during the season.

You can check out Rodgers’ entire press conference, below:

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