Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur dropped one of the best quotes of the week on Wednesday.

LaFleur was asked by reporters about the Packers’ upcoming trip to London.

Green Bay will play the New York Giants in London on October 9.

LaFleur, however, wasn’t ready to talk about the London game just yet.

Because as he put it, “You look ahead in this league and you get your ass whipped”. 

LaFleur is spot on. The moment he starts thinking about the London game — specifically the schedule for his players, logistics, etc — a loss to the Patriots will become imminent.

There are certainly scheduling challenges that come with playing in London. But LaFleur isn’t worried about any of that until after the game with New England.

That’s a smart move by the young coach. And while it seems obvious, looking ahead is something that can sometimes sink veteran teams with veteran coaches. LaFleur, though, is making sure that won’t be a concern in Green Bay.

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Featured image via Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports