Pro Football Network floated an odd offseason scenario for the Green Bay Packers this week.

Though after last year’s wild NFL offseason, I’m not sure we should rule out any scenario for any team.

PFN put out an early 2023 mock draft this week and they have the Packers selecting Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis with the No. 12 overall pick.

From PFN:

Have we seen enough of Jordan Love to know he isn’t the guy? Probably not. But we haven’t seen enough of Jordan Love to know that he is the guy, and the Packers are facing a crucial crossroad coming into the 2023 season. Aaron Rodgers has seen his on-field ability nosedive in ways the organization isn’t used to, making quarterback a huge priority for the franchise’s long-term health.

Will Levis won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve got a little time and patience to bring him up to speed, you will have one of the most talented QBs in the class. Levis has solid size, a strong arm, and better athletic talents than you’d think just looking at him. He’s a bit wild in his decision-making, and his accuracy can waver under pressure. But when he’s on, you’ll have some serious “WOW” moments at QB.

Nov 19, 2022; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis (7) waits for a snap during the game against the Georgia Bulldogs at Kroger Field. Mandatory Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

If the Packers draft Levis, it would likely mean that quarterback Jordan Love would be put on the trading block.

Essentially, drafting Levis would be Green Bay resetting their backup quarterback situation.

Green Bay can say all they want that they’ve seen what they need to see from Love. But I don’t buy that. You never know what you have in a quarterback until you see them in extended action. And we haven’t seen Love in extended action at the NFL level.

The Packers need to make a decision on Love’s fifth-year option before next season. And I’m not sure they’re going to be comfortable committing nearly $20 million (guaranteed) to Love in 2024 when they don’t know if he’s “the guy”. And they don’t know how many more years Rodgers will play.

Drafting Levis would allow the Packers to get another young quarterback to groom to take over for Rodgers. And he’d obviously be much cheaper since he’d be on a rookie contract. Additionally, drafting Levis in the first round would basically give them five years of control with Levis.

This would be an odd move, but it might not be a terrible move. Drafting Levis would allow the Packers to push a potentially big Rodgers decision down the road a bit.


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