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NFL writer makes extremely bold prediction regarding Packers’ Aaron Rodgers


GREEN BAY – The end may be near for Aaron Rodgers, but that won’t stop him from continuing to dominate the NFL.

At least, according to one Adam Schein.

The NFL.com columnist recently released nine bold predictions for the 2022 season and sure enough, Rodgers was included.

Schein predicts the Packers quarterback will win the NFL’s MVP award again in 2022, making it the third year in a row he’s done so.

There’s only been one player to win three straight MVPs: Brett Favre from 1995-1997.

Schein wrote the following:

Regular readers know I’ve been driving the Josh Allen bandwagon since he entered the league. As you can tell from the words just above, I’m also obsessed with Justin Herbert. I think Joe Burrow is special. Patrick Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes. And with a clean bill of health, Lamar Jackson is going to do Lamar Jackson things once again.

But it’s still Aaron Rodgers’ world, and we’re all just living in it.

No Davante Adams? No problem. This only adds to the MVP narrative. Rodgers is going to take this no-name group of pass catchers and lead them to the best record in the NFC because he’s the most talented quarterback ever.

I’m not so sure about this one.

First off, Rodgers is already up against NFL history. There’s a reason why Favre is the only QB to win three straight MVP awards. In fact, he’s the only player to win it three times in a row, ever.

Rodgers should play well regardless of his supporting cast in 2022, but neither his numbers -nor his performances as a whole- will reflect MVP status. Primarily because the Packers are going to want to run the ball and play defense. They’re not going to hold Rodgers back, per se, but he certainly won’t get as many opportunities to put up big numbers, which are needed to win MVP in today’s NFL.

And if Green Bay ends up with the league’s best record for the second straight year, it will be because their defense turned into the top-5 unit that many expect it to be. It won’t strictly be because of Rodgers.

Rodgers will still show why he’s one of the NFL’s best signal-callers in 2022 and the Packers will certainly have a good year, but Schein is certainly going out on a limb by predicting 2022 will result in Rodgers’ fifth MVP.

You can check out all of Schein’s predictions, here.

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