GREEN BAY – The NFL held its official schedule release for the 2022 season and sure enough, there is plenty to talk about in regard to the Packers’ schedule.

Fortunately, Packers GM Brian Gutekunst joined‘s Larry McCarren to give his thoughts on the upcoming season.

According to Gutekunst, there is one stretch of games that really stand out when it comes to how the team approaches the new slate.

“I think there’s a stretch in there where we’re maybe away five out of seven games and that’s a tough stretch of away games,” Gutekunst told McCarren. “But at the same time, the season is hopefully going to be one of those seasons where our guys kinda bond together as we go through it. Because, obviously, the ultimate goal is getting to that second season of the playoffs.”

There’s a reason why Gutekunst doesn’t like this stretch of games

For starters, Gutekunst meant five of the first eight games being on the road, as you can see below:

But, regardless, the reason Gutekunst doesn’t like this stretch of games is because it’s essentially the first half of the Packers’ season.

And to make things worse, not only do the Packers have to travel five of the first eight weeks, but three of the five away teams are playoff teams from last year and the other two opponents are divisional opponents. Regardless of quality and history, divisional games are always different from other games. Five of the eight games are also intraconference games, including the divisional matchups.

NFL life is always tough. Every game matters. That’s why the Packers need to make sure they are ready to go during the first half of the season. Because, they could pay for it dearly if they aren’t.

You can check out the full interview with Gutekunst, below:

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