The Green Bay Packers are two weeks away from when veterans report to training camp, but there’s still time to make one more roster move before camp kicks off.

The team seems rather comfortable with its receiving room and honestly, they should be. The receivers aren’t going to blow anybody away, but there’s enough talent there to make it work.

And, it really helps when you have Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback. He should elevate the play of those around him, making them even better.

But, many still think the Packers will add a veteran receiver before the season starts. Maybe even before camp.

As it turns out, there’s one out there that makes a lot of sense.

The Packers should take a look at Emmanuel Sanders

There are two big obstacles to overcome before signing Sanders: The two-time Pro Bowler may retire. Also, the Packers have 90 guys on their roster. They’d have to let someone go in order to sign Sanders.

But the latter won’t be much of an issue, overall.

Regardless, Sanders would be a very good fit in this offense. He’s a solid intermediate/deep threat and he can still play. This is evidenced by his 2021 season that saw him amass 42 receptions for 646 yards and four touchdowns as the Buffalo Bills’ third or fourth receiving target.

Sanders would come in and add a veteran presence that can also produce. Sure, Sammy Watkins is on the roster, but Sanders has proven himself to be much more reliable. Sanders also won’t take away a ton of reps from the Packers’ younger guys. He’d play a similar role to that in Buffalo last year and, if a major injury were ever to crop up, he can step up and play an increased role.

He’ll be rather cheap, too. And, he won’t be expecting to sign a long-term deal anywhere since he’s 35-years-old. The Packers have plenty of cap space and wouldn’t have to worry about committing to Sanders for multiple years.

Sanders doesn’t have the ideal size the Packers covet in their wideouts at 5-foot-11, 180-pounds, but what matters more: measureables or production?

Featured image via Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports