ESPN’s Bill Barnwell recently pointed out the NFL’s 13 biggest “luxury positions” and the Green Bay Packers have one of the players on his list.

Before we get into the player and the position, here’s a line from Barnwell that explains his view of “luxury positions” in the NFL.

“It takes more than stars to win the Super Bowl,” wrote Barnwell. “In so many cases, backups and depth options play key roles for the teams that win the NFL’s title game.”

One of the positions that Barnwell pointed out as a luxury is “blocking tight end”.

And Barnwell thinks the Packers have the best blocking tight end in the league in Marcedes Lewis.

From ESPN:

We found something for the Packers’ receivers to brag about! Lewis played 478 offensive snaps a year ago and blocked more than 75% of the time. In his 16th NFL season, he was forced into a larger role by Robert Tonyan‘s ACL injury in his left knee, but the Lewis who caught 10 touchdown passes in 2010 is little more than a fourth or fifth option in the passing game.

Lewis is there to block, and with the retirement of Lee Smith, the 38-year-old is one of the best block-first tight ends in the business.

Nov 28, 2021; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers tight end Marcedes Lewis (89) rushes with the football during the third quarter against the Los Angeles Rams at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Blocking tight ends don’t usually get a lot of hype. But they do the dirty work that allows the rest of the offense to operate at a high level. Players like Lewis are incredibly necessary, even if they don’t light up the stat sheet.

The Packers, despite their lack of a true No. 1 wide receiver, have one of the best rosters in the NFL. And that’s why I think it’s silly that some talking heads — looking at you, Colin Cowherd — think Green Bay is going to come up short in the NFC North this season.

Doubting Aaron Rodgers to begin with probably isn’t wise. Doubting Aaron Rodgers with a great roster behind him is downright foolish.

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