The Kansas City Chiefs have been “otherworldly,” to say the least, the past two years. It all starts with the quarterback, Patrick Mahomes

You can say the same for the New England Patriots, who were the last team to win back to back Super Bowls. Who was the quarterback of those teams? Yes, it was Tom Brady.

And now he is right back in the Super Bowl, after taking a break from it for two years. For him, that may be an eternity.

Tom Brady has played in 14 Conference championships and now ten Super Bowls. Those are numbers no other quarterback or player has done.

Now, it’s Patrick Mahomes’ turn to fill that role. What is that saying? “Out with the old, and in with the new!”

This game should serve as revenge for the last time these two met in the playoffs. At the flip of a coin, Mahomes and company were forced to pack their bags and head home. It is fair to say these two have a history already, so let’s take a look.

The History of Mahomes vs Brady

Let’s start with 2018. No, not the game you are thinking of, but the one before that. In Patrick Mahomes first full year as a starter, he played New England in week six.

The Chiefs were undefeated before meeting the Patriots but left with a loss. The game was rather exciting, and fans definitely got their money’s worth.

Mahomes still put up big numbers in the 43-40 loss. He and Brady dueled it out as Mahomes finished with over 350 yards and four touchdowns. This game just helped show that Patrick Mahomes was here, and it was going to be hard to stop him.

Later that year, the two played again, and we all remember what happened. Kansas City was held scoreless for a very long time. Brady and the Patriot’s Super Bowl-winning defense beat Kansas City by way of a coin flip.

Of course, that was not the best outing we have seen from Mahomes, who finished with 295 passing yards and three touchdowns.

The next year was Kansas City’s year. It was time for them to get past the AFC Championship, and that’s precisely what happened. But first, they had to get past New England.

In week 14 of the 2019 season, the Chiefs finally beat the Patriots. In their 23-16 win, both Brady and Mahomes had sub-par games. Brady with just 169 yards and a touchdown. Mahomes with 283 yards and a touchdown.

It is fair to say that the matchup in February could be a little more explosive. The Buccaneers have a premier offense in the league and a great defense to go along with that.

The Chiefs have to get over the Tom Brady hump once again, even if they are the defending champions. Fair to say, this game should be fun.

Featured Image: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports