The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have history. We all know that. It starts a few years ago when the Chiefs beat them in Tampa Bay, and Tyreek Hill threw up the peace sign after scoring his second touchdown of the first quarter.

Then, need I bring it up, the Buccaneers got the ultimate last laugh as they demolished the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Kansas City wasn’t able to score a touchdown. Instead, they scored just three field goals.

This upcoming game means a lot to the Chiefs. I mean, it has to, right? Yeah, there are some players on the team now that wasn’t then, but it’s still time to get revenge.

In order to do that, they must first get into the minds of the Buccaneers. They have to go behind enemy lines, to try and figure out what the Buccaneers don’t do well.

The Chiefs defense has stepped up this year so far, while the offense has been the first one to show some struggles.

Against the Cardinals in Week 1, we saw the Chiefs get after Kyler Murray and sack him twice while also hitting him six times. It’s safe to say the defense put constant pressure on him.

This game will be about the defense for the Chiefs. I’m confident they will be able to show up offensively. The offense has also been the issue for Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers haven’t been great in third and long situations. But, then again, who is? Instead, it’s more about them not being great on the first and second down. I mean, even Byron Leftwich, the Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator said it.

“We’re just not good enough, really, on first and second down,” Leftwich told the media on Thursday. “You look at last week – we’re starting off on third-and-12. It’s tough to execute on third-and-12 – especially when you’re a banged-up football team.

“You’re a banged-up football team and you’re putting yourself in all these third-and-long situations, which means you’re going to punt the ball most of the time. It’s hard to score and punt at the same time. That’s really been our issue, being better on first and second down and giving ourselves an opportunity to score points.”

The Buccaneers still have Tom Brady, though. The greatest quarterback of all time is never out of any game. He nearly invented the comeback, just ask the Falcons.

Any team that Brady is on is a team that is competing, and they certainly are.

This Chiefs defense showed last week that they can play, even if it was them that ultimately lost the game. Not because of their play, as the play of the defense was supposed to win the game, until there was a call that set the team back.

The Chiefs could easily be 3-0 right now, and their defense has been playing like it. Last week they were able to sack the quarterback five times, the most they have had so far this season.

They held the best running back in the league to 71 yards, and the passing offense of the Colts to just 222 yards.

This defense is stepping up, and I think they can do big things on Sunday. But it starts with the defense and forcing stops on first and second downs.

Featured Image Via Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports