Nearly everyone knows who Josh Gordon is, and now the Chiefs have him on their roster. On September 27th, 2021, Josh Gordon was reinstated by the NFL and was able to sign with an NFL team. Having not played since 2019, the 30-year-old receiver is ready to give it another try.

The Chiefs are a team who have dealt with issues from their players off the field very well. Just a few years ago, Andy Reid had to deal with the Kareem Hunt situation, in which many thought he handled it well.

Now, he will have another situation on his hands. While this isn’t the first time he has been reinstated into the NFL, I’m sure Gordon hopes it is his last. Hopefully, Andy Reid, who is a players coach, can help with that. However, the team will need some production out of him.

Gordon can help the Chiefs immediately based on past

Josh Gordon is a guy who we have all seen be dominant. The 30-year-old Houston Texas native is built like a Greek god and has the mold of a Julio Jones in terms of wide receiver builds.

Not to mention, Gordon has the talent to back all of that up. In his rookie year with the Cleveland Browns, the 6’3″ receiver finished with nearly 1000 receiving yards falling just 200 short.

The next year is the year that everyone is still in awe of. Much like Julio Jones, Gordon nearly had 2000 receiving yards, only needing 300 more to achieve that accolade.

Not to mention Josh Gordon also finished with nine touchdowns in the same year. To make matters even better, he did that with two below-average quarterbacks in Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden.

With all that being said, imagine what he can do with Mahomes, the league’s best quarterback. While yes, he has not been great since then, you can blame that more on his inability to stay in the league.

I think this signing will immediately help the Chiefs. No, the biggest problem is not the offense, but instead the defense. However, the offense has not been perfect either. Hopefully, Josh ‘Flash’ Gordon can help this team turn their season around early.

Featured Image Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports