KANSAS CITY – With the recent news coming out, it is confirmed that Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald has a new contract. Instead of retiring, like he basically threatened to do, he now has a new contract.

We have seen some big names get big contracts this off-season. Dashaun Watson, A.J. Brown, and of course, Tyreek Hill, just to name a few.

As if those guys weren’t enough incentivized to make more money, Aaron Donald and agent Todd France noticed something else. Aaron Donald, with an annual value of $23 million, and scheduled to make $55 million over the next three years, with $14 million in compensation before the new contract, was underpaid for his position.

Joey Bosa surpassed Donald with a new contract in 2020 worth $27 million annually. T.J. Watt then passed him with his $28 million per year salary.

Now, after the new deal, Donald is scheduled to make $95 million over the next three years, with an average annual salary of more than $31.6 million in compensation. This new deal makes him the highest-paid non-quarterback in football. If we are being honest, he deserves every penny.

But what does this have to do with the Chiefs? Well, it could impact the future of the franchise more than you may know.

Donald’s new deal can hurt the Chiefs

Chris Jones is the Chiefs’ best defensive player and has been for quite some time now. While Jones stats are not always the best, you can watch him play and know why he is respected so much. Jones is often considered a top-three defensive tackle in the league.

Now, the beginning of last year was rough for Jones. He was moved to the defensive end in an effort to get less pressure off him at the point of attack, but it didn’t work, at all. Instead, everyone realized that, while Jones is fast, he isn’t quite quick enough to play on the edge.

Once Jones was moved back to his natural position, things were back on track.

However, Jones does deserve top-tier interior tackle money, ask anyone who follows the league closely. Jones still has two years left on his deal. This year, and after the next year, he can become a free agent. Jones has a $29.4 million cap hit this year, more than any other defensive tackle.

With the numbers these players are getting, Jones may ask for something similar, which means a couple of things can happen.

Possible opportunities for Chiefs

First, he can ask for the money, and neither side come to an agreement. Meaning, Jones and the Chiefs would part ways after 2022. If that were to happen, it would hurt the Chiefs defensively, and maybe set them back on that side of the ball for a few years, if not more.

If all goes well during the negotiations, Jones gets the deal he wants, and the Chiefs are broke for the foreseeable future. Not really, obviously, but his deal, while small on the frontend, will certainly have ramifications on the backend.

Eventually, a big deal for Jones could hurt the Chiefs’ ability to continue to pay great players, and give themselves the best chance to win.

The Chiefs have a lot to think about over these next few years. Hopefully, they take the path that benefits them the most.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports