The Kansas City Chiefs could go into Week 12 against the Los Angeles Rams with a huge advantage, that could honestly make the game a bit lopsided.

I think most of us know by now that, according to both teams injury reports, Rams starting quarterback Mathew Stafford is dealing with a neck injury along with a concussion.

There is a larger possibility than not that Stafford doesn’t play on Sunday, especially with all the player safety things that have been circulating around the league regarding concussions.

Even with things not necessarily going the Rams way this year, don’t let their 3-7 record fool you. They are the reigning Super Bowl champions, and have star power all over their roster.

But, it just so happens that one of their stars likely won’t play in Stafford

Their backup quarterback John Wolford was limited in practice on Wednesday with a neck issue, which is why third stringer Bryce Perkins played the rest of their matchup against the Saints last week.

Now could this bring a different set of issues for the Chiefs because they won’t necessarily know who to prepare for? Maybe. But likely, no.

They will probably prep for Perkins or Wolford, which is actually an advantage for the Chiefs.

Let me put it this way. If you do head to head matchups, who wins between Patrick Mahomes and Mathew Stafford? Who is the better quarterback. I think most of us would say Stafford by a mile.

Okay, now let’s do Mahomes vs. Wolford or Perkins. It isn’t close.

The way I see it, this game could go two ways. This could be a lopsided blowout, in the Chiefs favor. Or, this could be somewhat of a trap game for the Chiefs, much like their Week 3 game against the Colts.

If I was a betting man, though, I’d never bet against Mahomes. This could be lopsided.

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