The Kansas City Chiefs are a disciplined team and have been that way since Andy Reid arrived 10 or so years ago. That’s how all of his teams are.

What I mean by disciplined, is they don’t do much talking. They let their play on the field do that. We heard Andy Reid talk about that last week heading into Bengals week.

Remember when safety Justin Reid called out the Bengals’ receivers and said he would lock them up? If not, here is the interview:

But Justin Reid said that, and the Bengals responded on Twitter by trash-talking. Ja’Marr Chase even went on Twitter and called Justin Reid a can of tuna. Then, Andy Reid was asked about his thoughts on Justin Reid’s comments, and big red had this to say.

“Yeah, I’m not real big on that. He’s new to our team, so he’s aware of it now, for sure. He wasn’t before,” Reid said on Friday.

So, that happened, and then the Chiefs lost. Justin Reid struggled tackling all game, even missed a few tackles on Chase, and was trucked a few times by Perine, the Bengals running back. Even after losing to the Chiefs for a third straight time, Justin Reid still can’t seem to stop talking about it.

He tweeted on Tuesday morning that he wasn’t wrong, referencing him saying he would lock the Bengals up.

Andy Reid won’t like seeing he tweeted this after they not only had a conversation about it and how the Chiefs don’t do that but also after they lost their third straight game to Cincinnati.

Even Jeff Allen, former Chiefs offensive lineman tweeted at Justin Reid that he needs to “read the room,” and I agree.

Justin Reid needs to quit with the Twitter fingers, especially when I don’t see any other players talking about it.

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