The Kansas City Chiefs have now lost three straight games to the Cincinnati Bengals, which snapped their five-game win streak in 2022.

While emotionally this game meant a lot to the Chiefs and their fans, it doesn’t do too much in terms of making the playoffs when factoring in the loss.

The Chiefs are still 9-3, and with the Los Angeles Chargers losing to the Las Vegas Raiders, there really isn’t much to worry about in terms of being the division leader.

There is a possible narrative that could be starting to swirl and make its rounds around the league, in that the Bengals are a bad matchup for the Chiefs.

Andy Reid doesn’t feel that way, at all.

“Eh, this one came right down to the end. I don’t feel that way,” Reid said after the game.

I also don’t feel that way. These two teams have battled every time they have played each other. The game has never been more than a one-score game by the final possession.

The Chiefs just haven’t been able to get over the hump when it comes to that team. Anyone else, they can, but that doesn’t make the Bengals a bad matchup for Kansas City.

“I think it’s two good football teams playing each other,” Reid continued.

That is exactly what it is. You look at their records, and the Chiefs are now 9-3 while the Bengals are now 8-4, and both teams are in playoff contention.

Both of these teams represented the AFC in the Super Bowl the last three years, too.

“We had to take care of business down the stretch, the last couple of series there, we have to take care of business,” Reid told reporters.

This game solely came down to one thing.

First, the Chiefs beat themselves just as badly as Cincinnati beat them. Penalties and of course the fumble hurt them so bad. That doesn’t happen to the Chiefs often, either.

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