If there is something that’s certain in the 2022 NFL season, it’s that the roughing the passer call needs to be changed. Some will agree with me, some won’t. Either it needs to be changed, or it needs to be enforced better with a more clear set of rules. I know fans of the Kansas City Chiefs agree with me.

We have seen this affect teams in a huge way this season. The most notable was the Atlanta Falcons, who were a sack away from beating Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

Grady Jarrett did sack Brady, too. But he threw him to the ground too hard. At least that’s what the refs thought.

Oh, and let’s throw it back to the Week 5 game against the Las Vegas Raiders. Yeah, you all remember when Chris Jones got a strip sack on Derek Carr and they called it roughing the passer. That week was terrible in terms of officiating.

Even when that happened you could tell Andy Reid was frustrated and he mentioned back then how the NFL needs to get this figured out.

“I’m in the league, I’m on a couple of committees there, so I understand protecting the quarterback – that’s important,” said Reid. “It is important. There’s a fine line, we just got to sort that out. But these guys – I mean they worked their butt(s) off to do a good job for us out here. And the league spends time doing it and looking at it. Sometimes there’s a point where you got to let guys play and we just got to find where that happy‐medium is.”

There was a play very similar against the Bengals last week, that should not have been roughing the passer, and it was on none other than the Chiefs.

The Chiefs sacked Joe Burrow in what would have been a critical situation, but unfortunately, it was called back because the defender had too much weight falling down on him.

It’s safe to say Reid has not been too happy about those calls this season.

“It’s something new and it’s all over the place, I think,” Reid said. “We’re getting different looks, I thought. I didn’t agree with that. Now, (referee) John’s (Hussey) a heck of an official too, but this thing we’ve got to get worked out and work through because I didn’t see that one (roughing the passer penalty).”

It definitely needs to be fixed. If it doesn’t get fixed soon, the NFL will have more than just Andy Reid upset about it. I’m sure there are already people, players, and coaches, upset.

Either way, Reid is ready for the NFL to quit playing games.

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