I think the Kansas City Chiefs showed on Sunday Night Football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that they are the best offense in the league. We all knew they could move the ball up and down the field by throwing it, but on Sunday they were also able to run it.

Then, you factor in that a lot of people had the Buccaneers as the best defense in the NFL before Week 4. I was not one of those people, as I think it’s the Denver Broncos, another team the Chiefs will play, but that’s a different story for another day.

When you factor in how good that defense is, because it was good, it really makes you think about just how good the offense is.

We saw Mahomes take over and create something out of nothing a few different times. That is something he is known for.

On Tuesday, head coach Andy Reid was asked about that ability Mahomes has, and if having a guy like that helps you be able to create more interesting plays. Here is what he said.

“Yeah, I probably would say that,” Reid told reporters. “Although, we did use a couple of them yesterday. The couple that (Marquez Valdes‐)Scantling caught were somewhat that – one of them for sure was. It was a pump pass and so we faked a screen and come out; he did a nice job with that too. So, we’re still able to use some things. The guys like that stuff. We just sit here as coaches and you kind of weigh out which ones.

“You want them to be successful at the same time. You can’t – I guess a team like Tampa Bay – you can’t waste a first or second down. Not against that crew, they’re too good on third downs. So, you got to make sure that they fit into the program. But, going back to your original question, yes. You weigh that out when he’s moving around doing the things he does and the production he gets.”

The rest of the NFL should be terrified of what Reid said, and with what they saw on Sunday night. The Chiefs have such a deep bag when it comes to offense, and that is no exaggeration.

Things we were seeing the Chiefs do two or three years ago like shovel passes to running backs or tight ends, other teams like the Ravens are just now using that for their offense.

The Chiefs’ offense has been ahead of its time, for a while now. When you have a guy like Mahomes, you can do stuff differently, and you can go off script a lot.

This offense is exactly what we thought it would be and the exact opposite of what the national media thought it would be.

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