The Kansas City Chiefs are now 1-2, and at last place in the AFC West division. Yes, that does sound weird. Mostly because the Chiefs have won the division for the last five years. To see the team struggling like this, and in last place like they are, brings flashbacks of the 2-14 seasons.

While this loss does not mean the Chiefs season is over, it is still important to win the division games. Unfortunately, the team didn’t get the win.

This loss can be attributed to a few different things, some more noticeable than others. If the Chiefs don’t get it together, the Eagles could be looking at a win next week.

Kansas City Chiefs turn the ball over four times

The Chiefs lost this game for a few reasons. Yes, the defense was bad. It is starting to look like one of the worst in the NFL. However, there is something else that had a bigger impact on the Chiefs in this game.

Turnovers were the cause of death in this one for the Chiefs. Kansas City gave the ball away four times in this one. Three times in a row at one point. Patrick Mahomes contributed two of those, one which was not his fault.

In Arrowhead, the Chiefs started down badly early. Trailing 14-0, Kansas City was struggling to get the ball in the end zone, and struggling, even more, to keep the Chargers out of it.

Of course, knowing this team, Patrick Mahomes and company made a comeback. They would eventually tie the game and even have the lead at times. However, the Chargers just played better football at the end of the day.

If Kansas City wants to make it back to the super bowl, but with a chance to win it, they need to win games like these. The division games matter the most in this young season.

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