The Kansas City Chiefs have been great at developing their young talent over the years, and I think that is pretty evident based on what we have seen from their now-star players.

Take a look at Chris Jones, and how dominant of a defender he is. This is a guy that was taken in the second round, and I’m sure no one thought he would consistently be in the defensive player of the year conversation, or even the second-best defender every year.

Look at Patrick Mahomes, who was criticized for his throwing mechanics. The Chiefs traded up to get him, and have developed him into the best quarterback in the league.

Nick Bolton is another guy that you can tell the Chiefs are developing the right way. He just gets the game.

“Yeah so, Hitch (former Chiefs LB Anthony Hitchens) is another one of those guys that helped Bolton out – just on being a pro, on and off the field (and) with the things you do to prepare. And nobody did it better than Hitch that way. He was a – he spent the time studying,” Andy Reid said.

“So, Bolt [Bolton] has just carried that up another notch. He prepares like crazy. He doesn’t talk a whole lot – he’s a quiet guy. But, on the field, he gets you to where you’re supposed to be, and he does it with authority and he plays like crazy. He plays like a tiger.”

It appears the Chiefs have a slant assassin on their team.Chiefs-prove

Bolton is already one of the better tacklers in the league at the linebacker position, or maybe even at any position. He doesn’t miss many, and when he does get a hit, you can hear it through the screen nearly every time.

But, just because you hit hard, doesn’t always make you a great player.

I would say that Bolton is a good player, who is well on his way to being a great player, he just isn’t there yet, and that is okay.

There are some things that he definitely needs to work on, but that will get better because of the coaches and players around him. Bolton struggles at times in coverage, and it’s that simple when it comes to his biggest flaws.

However, this is a guy who didn’t play on a good coverage defense in college at Mizzou, so it will take time to get used to playing good coverage defense at the NFL level.

There are some other things that Bolton could work on of course, but that stands out the most for what the Chiefs want to do on that side of the ball. Bolton is so young though, so there is no reason to panic about something like that.

If anyone is worried about Bolton and his future when it comes to being a great linebacker, this franchise knows what they are doing.

Bolton will develop because that is what the Chiefs do.

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