The Kansas City Chiefs may have lost the game last Sunday to the Indianapolis Colts, but they still took a win this week.

While no one wants to see a player suffer an injury, and no one wishes that upon anyone, it is, however, an advantage for the opposite team.

This week, and potentially when the Chiefs play the Chargers, they will have the upper hand with the latest news. The Chargers will be without Pro Bowl offensive tackle Rashawn Slater for the rest of the season as he suffered a ruptured biceps tendon on Sunday in the Chargers’ loss to the Jaguars.

One of their young, talented, receivers Jalen Guyton tore his ACL and is out for the season. Justin Herbert is dealing with a rib injury, and star cornerback J.C. Jackson is still recovering from an ankle injury.

They also will be without Pro Bowl EDGE rusher Joey Bosa for some time as he deals with a groin injury.

That’s a whole lot of bad luck for the Chargers.

However, it can be a positive for the Chiefs and Chiefs Kingdom.

I think we all know the Chargers were the Chiefs’ biggest threat in the AFC West. I mean, just look back at the game on Thursday Night Football. If you can’t admit that the Chargers were the better team that game, then you probably didn’t watch the game.

The Chargers are very good, and they are more complete than the Chiefs. Their defense is legit, as is the Chiefs. However, they rush the passer much better and I’d even say they have a better defensive back unit.

Their offense can run the ball and pass it. I’d like to bring up that so far the Chiefs offense can only do one of those.

So, to ignore that the Chargers are the Chiefs’ biggest threat would be ignorant. They most certainly are, when they are healthy. Now, it is looking like the Chiefs’ biggest threat is themselves.

Featured Image Via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports