KANSAS CITY – The Denver Broncos have not beaten the Chiefs since 2015, when they won the Super Bowl. One of my favorite things to do is to name things that happened since the last time Denver beat Kansas City. For example, Obama was president, and gas prices were no higher than $2.37/gallon.

While the Broncos are a great, historical franchise, they have not been near the level of Kansas City as of late. It seems like now that they have their quarterback in Russell Wilson, all the other problems have gone away.

So much so, that their players are making bold statements about this upcoming season.

Chiefs’ rival and Broncos receiver Tim Patrick has a bold statement

Earlier this week in a press conference, Tim Patrick made a statement that may shock some people.

“We are all here to win a Super Bowl,” said Patrick when asked about expectations. “It’s Super Bowl or bust.”

A comment like this is kind of entertaining, and it should feel the same way for Chiefs fans.

Maybe they feel as if the Chiefs won’t be the dominant force they have been over the last five years now. That feeling cold be due to some off-season things that happened for Kansas City.

Maybe the Broncos think that all they needed was a quarterback, and they would be contending again. However, the Broncos and their fans have forgotten a few things. They still have to go through Kansas City, the Chiefs still have Patrick Mahomes and the Broncos’ number over the last five years.

Just as some advice, I’d say the Broncos need to think about beating the Chiefs before a Super Bowl, first. They need to win the division or finish in second, at minimum. They not only need to beat the Chiefs at least once, but they need to beat the Raiders as well, whom they lost to twice last year.

While Tim Patrick is a great player for Denver, there are levels to this. They need to think about other things before thinking about Super Bowl or bust.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports