The Kansas City Chiefs are beyond grateful to have had two of the greatest tight ends to ever walk this earth. On Sunday, Travis Kelce could only further cement his legacy by doing something that has never been done.

Every year we hear a new record that Travis Kelce has either broken or one that was never done before and he just set a new one. He is truly amazing when you think about some of the things he has been able to accomplish.

It seems like every year for the last few years now, he has been the best tight end in the league, and always is around the top five of all players in receiving yards.

People sometimes refer to him as a receiver in a tight end’s body, because that’s how good he is, and how much he has changed the way the position is not only played but viewed as well.

On Sunday, Kelce has a chance to do something that has never been done in the history of the sport. With just 32 receiving yards on Sunday against Denver, Kelce will be the first tight end ever with seven straight 1,000 receiving-yard seasons.

A lot of people debate who is the greatest tight end of all time, but in my opinion, it really isn’t close. Any record there is for a tight end, besides maybe touchdowns, which he has a career-high 12 this season, Kelce will likely break.

He has been on another level for the past decade. This man is the greatest tight end of all time and has easily been the best tight end in the league for the last seven years.

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