The Kansas City Chiefs had a thrilling game on Sunday Night Football against the Los Angeles Chargers, as they usually do. Only this time, they had someone very important watching the game.

Now the Chiefs moved to 8-2 on the year and have to play another Los Angeles team, but this time it’s the defending champions. The Rams’ record may not be great, but they won the Super Bowl last year, and that’s something that isn’t easy as the Chiefs know.

But the Chiefs are looking like the best team in football right now, and the Rams are very aware of that. Just ask their head coach, Sean McVay.

“It’s a challenge no matter what type of situation or scenario that we’ve been in over the last handful of years because of the caliber of the team. They’re a great football team,” McVay said.

“I did see the end of that game. I thought that was two really excellent teams going at it, but for them to be able to go down with the Chargers taking the lead and then for Mahomes to go right down the field in the fashion that they did was incredibly impressive.”

The Rams are coming off of a tough loss to the New Orleans Saints and will be looking for a win to help with an already disappointing season.

But the Chiefs are playing their best football right now. Yeah, the offense is firing on all cylinders, but the defense is catching people off guard right now. Teams are used to this defense being average or below average.

Not this year.

“Then for their defense to be able to close it out with the turnover speaks volumes to the complete team that they have. Mahomes, (Chiefs TE Travis) Kelce, really them offensively, they are unbelievable. (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid and (Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric) Bieniemy do an excellent job and they’re as good as it gets.”

Sean McVay was watching, and I’m sure he wasn’t watching for sun, as he was probably taking some notes here and there.

If you know McVay and the Rams, then you know even when they are struggling, they will show up prepared, because that is how good of a coach McVay is.

The Chiefs won’t have anything easy on Sunday, and I think we all know that, even if the Rams’ record isn’t great.

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