We all knew coming into this game that the Los Angeles Chargers were going to focus on stopping Travis Kelce. I mean, take away Kelce with a beat-up receiving corps, and what else do the Kansas City Chiefs have, right?

Well, wrong.

Yes, the Chiefs had some key injuries to some great receivers, but that did not stop them at all. Kelce still showed why he is the greatest tight end of all-time.

And, in a way, Mahomes knew that he would still be throwing to Kelce all game. I mean, if the defense showed him something he liked, that is.

“I just go through the reads unless Kelce is manned up, then I’m throwing him the ball,” Mahomes said when asked about how it was practicing without key receivers. 

“That’s kind of my mindset. Obviously, teams have plans for Travis [Kelce], so guys are going to have to step up.”

Mahomes was then asked if he was joking about what he said about throwing to Kelce when he is manned up.

“No, I’m not joking at all,” Mahomes replied as serious as can be. “He’s in man, I’m going to give him a chance, and he is going to win most of them… I’m going to give my guy a chance because I know how special he is.”

That’s the kind of relationship the two have, and that is how good they both are. Their chemistry is unmatched, then you add in the fact that they may be the two most talented at their position of all time, and they are unstoppable.

The fact that Mahomes just straight up said he throws to Kelce if he sees that the defense is going to go man on him, should put the league on notice by itself.

He’s telling them what he is going to do in those situations, and it won’t even matter. That’s how confident Mahomes is playing right now.

And honestly, no one can blame him.

You can check out Mahomes’ full presser, below:

Featured Image Via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports