The Kansas City Chiefs have faced a problem throughout this season and it hasn’t really gotten better, which recently brought a lot of people to ask one specific question.

The trade deadline passed a few weeks ago, and the Chiefs were able to finesse the New York Giants into basically giving them a future star wide receiver.

Kadarius Toney has been nothing short of amazing in his two games as a Chief so far, even if the sample size isn’t big.

In the first game against the Tennessee Titans, he played just nine snaps but was still able to show his route-running ability and something we didn’t know he had in the ability to run block out of the slot.

But there are still some issues he hasn’t fixed quite yet.

The special teams have not been as great as they usually are year in and year out behind Dave Toub, the special teams coordinator. The punt return has been subpar, at best, and a large part of that is due to not having the right guy receiving the kick.

It has been rookie receiver Skyy Moore, who has struggled at the position, but it’s looking like it could change.

“Yeah. Yeah, you know right now he’s – I can’t wait to see him get a ball kicked to him,” Toub said when asked if Toney would now be on the punt return. “We haven’t had that option really.

“They did a good job last week of using the sidelines and hanging the ball up pretty good, so you know sooner or later he’s going to get one kicked to him and we’re going to find out what he’s got. We’ve got a pretty good feeling about it though.”

This is a team that has been known for its incredible special teams returns in the past but hasn’t had one since 2020.

Their go-to guy at the position used to be Tyreek Hill, but obviously, they don’t have that option anymore. Instead, they now can try out Toney, who has the same build, along with other tangibles as Hill.

Toney can make guys miss in space and has the speed to take it to the house. We just haven’t seen it in action yet. On Sunday, we will get that chance.

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