The Kansas City Chiefs had some injuries heading into this offseason. Not a lot, but injuries, nonetheless.

The Chiefs were in fact one of the healthiest teams throughout the 2021 NFL season. They will need that again this year if they want to get back to the AFC Championship, but this time win it, and the one after it.

One of the players that are still recovering from an injury is Rashad Fenton, who was one of the Chiefs’ better cornerbacks last season, even if he did contribute to Ja’Maar Chase’s insane game.

Fenton is set to be back before the season starts, but that makes him behind the rest of the team in terms of getting his training camp work.

Chiefs’ Spagnuolo is not worried about Fenton, but is anxious to see him return

The Chiefs drafted several defensive backs in this year’s draft. In fact, half of all of their picks were defensive backs. So far, the young group has had a great camp, too. Adding Fenton to that will be something serious to watch during the season.

“He is going to be right in there and compete with that same group,” Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo told reporters Thursday.

“He has played some good football for us, especially on the outside. We just want to get him healthy and get him back there. I’m anxious to get him back out there and rolling. I’m looking forward to it.”

Spagnuolo has the utmost respect for Fenton and the way he plays the game. You can tell because he is often times matched up against the other team’s best receiver. It was either him or Charvarius Ward, who is now on the 49ers, which means the Chiefs will be looking for a bigger workload from Fenton.

His recovery must be going very well, or I do not think Spagnuolo would have been so excited, and confident about him returning and being his old self. You could see the excitement on his face, that the defensive coordinator was ready to have his lockdown cornerback.

This year will be big for Fenton, as he is returning from a serious injury, but he is also currently scheduled to become a free agent in 2023 if the Chiefs do not end up offering him an extension before then.

Spagnuolo has every right to be excited. This defense sounds like it is going to give some people fits this upcoming year and I’m here for every bit of it.

Featured Image Via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports