The Chiefs have completely turned their defense around after being one of the worst in 2018. Many would say the defense is the reason they lost to New England. However, when Kansas City brought in Tyrann Mathieu, everything changed.

The heart and soul of the defense and even the team as a whole turned the defense around. His first year here, and the defense goes from one of the league’s worst, to average, and a super bowl win.

Obviously, some credit can go to the Chiefs somewhat new defensive coordinator in Steve Spagnuolo. However, Mathieu is the one making the plays on the field.

As of Saturday, September fourth, the Chiefs biggest leader, has COVID-19. With the first game still a week away, the Chiefs should be okay, right?

Tyrann Mathieu’s absence during the week could affect Chiefs

So the question still stands. Will Tyrann Mathieu’s absence during the week affect the Chiefs come Sunday against the Browns? Let’s put it like this:

While, yes, Mathieu is only missing practice (as far as we know), that is still very important. Practice makes perfect, and practice is the best way to get into good habits of what you need to do on the field in live game situations.

Think about this; How would a pirate ship be without its captain? Would the boat still be fine? Of course, but without the leadership, things can get dicey. People can get out of their good habits, or even do things they do not normally do.

The same goes for the Chiefs defense. Mathieu is the quarterback of the defense. He oftentimes tells people where they need to line up, calls out plays, and is able to do everything.

But most importantly, he can rally a defense greatly. Look back at Superbowl 54. The Chiefs were down, and the defense needed a few key stops. When Mathieu was mic’d up, you could hear him rally his team.

That’s just what he does, and it is not easy to replace or even replicate. It is an important thing to have during practice, especially if it is usually there.

The Chiefs will be missing that extra intensity. They will be missing a leader, and someone who plays with heart and talent, instead of one or the other. Most importantly, Tyrann Mathieu is missing time. Hopefully, this is not anything too serious, and the Honey Badger can get back on the field in no time.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports