There is always a risk of injury when playing this beautiful but dangerous game we love so much. There is even more of a gamble playing in a game that does not really matter or affect the team’s status. When you consider that, the starters, or the team’s best players, should not play meaningless games, right?

Well, no, they should play. Injury is a part of the game. When you play as physical a game like this one, injuries will happen, even to the best players. Take Patrick Mahomes, for example, who has gotten hurt during the regular season and postseason now.

Players get hurt, it happens. This time it was another key player on the Chiefs offense. This is a guy who has already dealt with injuries in just his second season.

Chiefs key player injured on Friday night

The Chiefs starting running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire injured his ankle playing on Friday night against the Arizona Cardinals. While the Chiefs will be fine without him, this one will still hurt a bit.

Clyde could be back for the start of the season, which is just two weeks away. However, that is not the concern. The real problem may lay within his body and health throughout the season.

Now, I’m no supreme athlete, but I do know that ankle sprains tend to linger for a while. Even after getting healthy, you can make the slightest wrong move, and the pain is back.

However, as I said before, the Chiefs will be fine without him. During last season when they were missing him due to injury, Darrell Williams stepped up big time.

The backup running back showed out in the playoffs and led the charge on the ground. Add in him and now a versatile Jerrick McKinnon, and Kansas City has a dynamic backup running back group.

Hopefully, this injury is not too big of a deal. Hopefully, the injury doesn’t linger for the 21-year-old second-year back. Even more importantly, hopefully, Clyde Edwards-Helaire can get healthy so he can help this team win a championship.

Featured Image credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports